Caythorpe Court

Welcome Year Four Parents and Children!

On this page we will attach links to all letters sent out regarding Caythorpe and any additional information which you may find useful. For any queries about our Caythorpe Court visit, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Piatczanyn, or your child's class teacher.

Q and A Session:

Useful Dates:

  • Monday 20th September 2021 – Parent Workshop
  • Monday 4th October 2021 – Deadline for deposit and application form.
  • Friday 21st January 2022 – Deadline for all payments.
  • WB Monday 31st January 2022– Caythorpe Court Children’s Meeting (arrangements, questions and answers, bedroom allocations etc.)
  • Wednesday 9th February 2022 – Caythorpe Court Trip begins – we will depart from Saint Peter’s Site – Court Road.
  • Friday 11th February 2022– Caythorpe Court Trip ends – collection time to be confirmed – collection from Saint Peter’s Site in Court Road.
  • Date to be confirmed – Caythorpe Court Assembly - location(s)/time(s) to be confirmed. Any remaining lost property will be on display at this assembly.

Letters sent home:


Useful information:

Phone Calls

Pupils will not bring their mobile phones. This is so that children can settle well at Caythorpe Court, not lose expensive property and because they will simply be too busy! If there is a problem all staff will have their mobiles and the telephone at Caythorpe Court and will use it to contact you should the need arise.

Pocket Money

Children can bring a maximum of £10 in the envelope provided. The gift shop consists of a range of Caythorpe Court souvenirs. The children will be supported in the shop whilst they make their purchases. Please do not give pocket money to us until the day of the trip.

Preparing your child for the trip:

Encourage your child to become independent in bed-making, getting dressed/ready etc. Remind them positively that they are going to have to be grown up at Caythorpe Court. Answer any questions and concerns they may have and please do inform us so we can also discuss any worries your child may have. This trip is an exciting opportunity and a significant experience in your child’s time at Cranfield Academy! We want to make sure they have a fantastic time!

Whilst your child is on the trip:

Rest assured your child is in safe hands and is having a fantastic experience. Mr Piatczanyn will be using the methods detailed below to keep you in touch and to help you rest assured. Your children will be having an invaluable experience and will be developing in confidence, maturity and capabilities.

Keep in Touch:

Follow us on Twitter ~ @ClivetheCrane ~ for updates throughout the day.

Keep an eye on the latest news tab on the Academy website for evening updates where possible.