Early Years Foundation Stage

 “Good parenting and high quality early learning together provide the foundation children need to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up.”

(Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage 2012)

The EYFS curriculum at Cranfield Church of England Academy is based on the new EYFS profile introduced in September 2012.

This is based on the four themes of the Every Child Matters Curriculum of The Unique Child; Positive Relationships; Enabling Environments and Learning and Development. We want each child to feel happy and secure so that they can enjoy their learning in school.

It is a play- based curriculum where the children are given plenty of opportunities to develop their own learning through play with the support of adults as needed.

As part of this we are very lucky to have a large covered area out at the back of the unit where the children can take their learning outside whatever the weather. We also have a tyre park to encourage physical play.

The children’s social skills are developed and a disposition towards learning encouraged that gives them a good start in their school life.

Our topics change slightly each year to reflect the interests of the children in any given cohort. However, usually these include work on animals whether farms, pets or dinosaurs; growing; colours and patterns and traditional stories.

Long Term Plan: 

Cranfield Foundation Stage plan for  the children once home visits have been completed so that the children's interests can be intrigated into exciting and innovative learning. Whilst changes are made throughout the year as is necessary to make the most of changing interests, ability and topical issues that arise, general plans for the year ahead can be seen below.

To view the DFE's 'What to expect and when' document for children from birth to five years, please click the image below.


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