Supporting Behaviour

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. 


Ephisians 4: 32 

At Cranfield Church of England Academy, we are committed to creating an exceptionally positive and motivational learning atmosphere within a happy nurturing Christian Academy.

At Cranfield Church of England Academy we strive to educate the whole child. Alongside our academic programme of study we also want to ensure that, both socially and morally, our pupils’ development is supported.

We deliver this through an enhanced, Christian values education, which encourages pupils to take greater responsibility for their behaviour and learning and through absolute consistency in the management of behaviour. 

The themes of praise, learning and forgiveness run throughout our approach to supporting behaviour.

Our Golden Rules:

Our children appreciate rules that are linked to their rights and responsibilities.  The school ‘Golden Rules’ are positively phrased, clear and visible across our school. They link clearly to our Values Education Programme which underpins our Christian ethos. A copy is available in your child’s Home-School Link.

Our Golden Rules are intrinsic in our positive school vocabulary. Our Golden Rules are:

 For any questions about our Golden Rules, please do not hesitate to contact any member of staff.

Reward & Consequence Staircase:

Consistent in all of our classrooms is our Cranfield Academy Reward and Consequence Staircase enforcing positively to children that “Your behaviour is your choice”. Children receive rewards and consequences for their behaviour choices as appropriate and as detailed below.


Good behaviour is consistently and explicitly celebrated in our school. When we behave, we are able to enjoy, achieve and learn in the very best ways.

The below list of examples is intended to not be exhaustive:

Consequence Staircase:

Aspects of behaviour which do not meet the Academy’s Golden Rules have clear and consistent consequence. The Academy’s Consequence Staircase (sitting alongside a visual representation of the many rewards on offer for good behaviour) enforces to children that “Your behaviour is your choice” and so too are the related rewards or consequences.

The Cranfield Church of England Academy Consequence Staircase is used to provide children with five progressive levels of consequence – demonstrating to children that behaviour choices which do not follow our Golden Rules are not acceptable and will not support themselves and their peers in “enjoying, achieving and learning”.

If there are any queries about our Golden Rules, or Rewards and Consequence Staircase, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Behaviour Management:

When there is concern that a child’s behaviour is impacting on their own and other’s capacity to learn, a process of either behaviour management support, or a behaviour management crisis plan will begin. Information on both of these processes are detailed within the Academy's Behaviour Policy which can be viewed by clicking here. The Acaedemy's Exclusion Policy can also be viewed by clicking here.